Africa Special


This is a short blog about Africa Special that was held the other day. A lot of people have written and tweeted about it.
Official blog: Identity is the key to our vision for Africa

★In Ethiopia, digital IDs for 5 million people in the first phase (AtalaPrism)
★IT infrastructure support in Tanzania and Zanzibar (in partnership with World Mobile)
★Robotics and AI (SingularityNET)
★Save the Children in Africa (COTI + ADApay)

What I focused from the video was using blockchain technology to enable identification and leapfrog the energetic African infrastructure. The video was colorful and exciting.

When country like Japan tries to do the same thing, there is a hurdle of building on the existing system (and rules). Africa can leapfrog with more advanced infrastructure by introducing the technology presented here.

In this below video posted years ago, Charles talks about identification. I think it is great that Cardano has achieved the deal.

A mini edition of the Africa Special was soon released. I like David’s show as well as his Instagram.

Thank you for reading!