I will describe what I heard about Atala PRISM, which is the core of the Africa Special presentation.

It is a blockchain-based identity verification system.

A demo is available on the Atala PRISM website ( ). In about five minutes, you can experience the use cases of government ID, college degree, employment verification, and health insurance using the Atala PRISM app on your smartphone. It is very easy to use, and I would like to try it out if I can do all the actual procedures with it. It would be great if it were made available in Japanese as well.

In Ethiopia, people cannot open bank accounts because they cannot prove their identity, and they cannot get loans because they do not have credit. When refugees flee to a neighboring country, their identity is completely lost. In Japan, we are rarely aware of this problem because of the lack of inconvenience. Atala PRISM can solve this major problem and enable individuals to participate in the economic sphere (services) such as getting loans, insurance, etc.

You can also perform, monitor, track, and take attendance of students on the blockchain.
 Educational history, qualifications, etc. can be managed and shared with universities and companies. You can also expand the field to elections and medical records.

Atala PRISM can also handle health and land registration data on mobile devices. You can use it to authenticate third party apps for logging in, like we do with Google account today. You can restrict access from third parties at any time, giving individuals full control over their own identity.
The scope of the project will gradually be expanded and aim to have 100M identities on Cardano in 2 years.

Compared to Japan’s hanko culture (a physical stamp is used for approval/authentication in contract. These days, I feel that with telework, we are rapidly becoming more and more adopting to electronic version.), Atala PRISM is expected to make things seamless, speedy and secure. I think this deal is a great thing for Cardano and for Africa.

Thank you for reading!