The Essential Cardano list

Github: input-output-hk/essential-cardano
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This list is completely open source, maintained on Github. It will continue to be modified with the help of the community. New content, new relationships, and new innovations being produced by the community will be added to the list as we work together to build the ecosystem map. (A new version will be released in May.)

This is the place to start if you want to know what Cardano is, who our partners are, about our mission and roadmap, or if you want to build something on Cardano. It will be a collection of official websites, resources, instructions, guides, developer resources, glossaries, introductory materials, tutorials, and other materials. The map is the March version. There are also websites that reference the recently discussed, coti, layer 2 solutions, governments, universities, exchanges, wallets, and website of stake pools I frequently use.

If there is a relationship or innovation that is not yet included in the list, it can be added by a pull request (update request).