Plutus smart contracts


Strategic partners pave way for Plutus smart contracts
Cardano Roadmap

The article talks about the preparations being made for Goguen through the description of the strategic partners and engineering training programs that are essential to the rollout of Plutus.

Plutus is “both a dedicated development language for smart contracts and an execution platform using the functional programming language Haskell."

The infrastructure for decentralized finance (DeFi) is steadily being prepared. The creation of apps and contracts that run on top of the infrastructure is essential for the further spread of Cardano.

The Plutus Pioneer Program, launched in April, will train pioneering engineers who can develop applications using Haskell and Plutus.

There is a group of over 1000 developers who have formed a partnership with an experienced software development company to create Dapps.

The Alonzo testnet is in its final stages with the goal of being released at the end of May. The Alonzo development test net will be rolled out, and processes and new features will be added over the following weeks.

It will be integrated with exchanges and other services after the summer. In Q3, the Alonzo hard fork will implement smart contracts, which will be integrated with Yoroi.