Epoch 271: On-Chain NFT


Pool Report

Thank you for visiting. Thanks to you, the total number of blocks generated has reached 200!
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Reward delivered to those who delegated by around 21:30 UTC on Tuesday, May 25, epoch 267.

As I mentioned in my last blog, I am really happy with the good amount of rewards this time.

The below shows block generation, profit margins, etc. (This time it is Cardanoscan.) The rewards for the next epoch are to be relatively average.


In 90 days, Bitcoin will become legal tender in El Salvador. Products will be able to be priced in Bitcoin units, which will probably change the way Bitcoin is handled in Japan, including on exchanges. The price of Bitcoin is expected to stabilize once it begins to be used on a daily basis, but there are still issues to be solved before it can be put to practical use, as the price can drop by several dozen percent within a month.

NFT implemented on Cardano blockchain

There are many things going on (as usual). I would like to post NFT on blockchain.

Posted on pool.pm is an on-chain NFT. You can drag and move the picture, and its all stored on-chain.

Here is another that can play chess. I don’t know the code to run the chess (it looks very short), but I tried to decode it and run it as html on my laptop (I’m not very good at chess, so I couldn’t win. Chess is interesting to try again.) You can also play it in your browser, so why not try playing chess on the blockchain?

Differences and breakthroughs from conventional NFTs

Conventional: Images, Gif animations, etc., which are the actual state, are stored in a storage location on the Internet (e.g., at ipfs://<address>). Link and other information (metadata) are described in the blockchain.

On-chain: Everything, including metadata (up to 16 KB), can be stored on Cardano’s blockchain.

Good point: no need to link with external storage, no need to lose access to the actual situation when the external storage service is terminated.

Disadvantages: If I had to pick, I would say that the way to access the files is not yet common (right now, general users can only view them from pool.pm? ). I don’t think this is the only reason, but I think the blockchain data base is consuming more and more space faster, in the stake pool.

Native Token Explained


Project Catalyst – Fund4 FAQ
Catalyst registration and voting guide


In the long term, the price is gradually rising, and depending on how the trend line is drawn, it may appear to be supported. It bounced back by the 100-day moving average (upper green dotted line).

I have been monitoring ADA for a long term perspective with mostly daily chart. This is just my one perspective and is not intended to be a financial advice or any sort or such. Please check multiple resources when trading and perform by own responsibility.

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