Epoch 272: First Successful Execution of Smart Contract


Pool Report

When epochs switch, it’s always great to be able to deliver and get rewards through an open system that is not part of any organization.

Reward delivered to those who delegated by around 21:30 UTC on Sunday, May 30, epoch 268.

This time, I used PoolTool to look at ROS and other parameters. Looking at the bar graph section, we can see that the ROS was less than 5% this time.

If you have any question regarding SUGAR stake pool and rewards, please kindly let us know via Contact or Twitter DM.


Alonzo Rollout Plan

In Alonzo Blue, they have successfully executed the first smart contract in the public testnet. They are working on improving command line and HTML style smart contracts, and when they get to Alonzo White they will be demonstrating partners and Dapps. Here is Cardano360 mini which talks about Alonzo rollout plan in brief.

ADApools ranking system changes

Pledges, which are important for pool management, have been reduced in their impact on the ADApools rankings: they are favorable up to 180k, but setting them higher (e.g., to 5M) has no additional impact.

IOHK blog

A close look at the software running Cardano

To understand the background of the Alonzo rollout, Cardano’s network infrastructure is explained.


The 100-day moving average (upper green dotted line) is working well, and the chart is slowly moving right up while making adjustments. The volume is quite low; the Crypto Fear & Greed Index Over Time is returning from Extreme Fear to Fear; there has been a recovery in BTC, but I am concerned about the dead cross which looks coming in near future.

I have been monitoring ADA for a long term perspective with mostly daily chart. This is just my one perspective and is not intended to be a financial advice or any sort or such. Please check multiple resources when trading and perform by own responsibility.

Thank you for taking your time reading.
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