Epoch 273: Wallet Development Status


Pool Report

The epoch has switched to 273. Thank you for staking with us!

Reward delivered to those who delegated by around 21:30 UTC on Friday, June 4, epoch 269.

The reward is about the same as last time. After the epoch switch, the timing of data reflection seems to be different for PoolTool, Adapools, etc.

If you have any question regarding SUGAR stake pool and rewards, please kindly let us know via Contact or Twitter DM.

The next reward will be slightly less than this one. Operations will continue to be handled with care.
The deadline for Catalyst Voting is June 25th at 11am UTC.


Yoroi Wallet & Cardano Blockchain’s Alonzo Hard Fork Updates

Once smart contracts are integrated into Cardano’s blockchain with the official Alonzo hard fork mainnet release, it will support the development of a wide variety of DApp services including DeFi, NFTs, and the migration of projects from other blockchain platforms to Cardano.


Daedalus: from launch to Flight and beyond…


The results of the survey are in, and I’d like to share some of them with you. Here are some of the results (from the perspective of “what would be the focus in the future?").

89.9% answered yes to “Do you delegate ada in Daedalus?" Personally, I use Daedalus because it’s a full node wallet, so I’m happy about that although I was surprised to see such a high percentage. It seems that many users have been using Daedalus for more than a year and open it once a week.

The top answer to the question “How should stake pools be ranked?" was a desire for ranking based on long-term potential rewards. The second most common answer was in a way to support decentralization of the network, and then to maximize network stability.

In response to the question “Does the ranking system work in your best interest? 58.8% of the respondents answered “Don’t know" It would be nice to see a clearer and more satisfactory method in the future.

On the other hand, 70.7% of the respondents answered “Yes" to the question “Do you trust the ranking system?"


Many use Daedalus for delegation and would like to know the amount of rewards earned per epoch, be able to see the history of rewards, and have the ability to output to a file. I also think that improvements will be made to not disadvantage the smaller pools in the rankings, and that the ability to delegate to multiple pools will be added as it has been on discussion.

Voting, delegation, remittance, etc. should be possible on a single app, support for multiple assets such as BTC and ETH, privacy wallets, and support for hardware wallets were also mentioned.

Status Update

STATUS UPDATE JUNE 18, 2021 says “expanded native tokens view on the wallet’s 'Summary’ screen and the new detailed view of the earned rewards history with per-epoch breakdown". Currently, it is possible to output the total amount.


After falling below the long term trend line, the price has dropped considerably. It is also colliding with the 100-day moving average (upper green dotted line). The Stoch RSI (lower blue line) is also turning down.

Overall, this is a daily chart, with a long-term perspective. It is not intended to give investment advice, but to be part of an important asset check and to support Cardano.
I may make predictions about trends, but this is just one individual’s perspective. Please analyze from various angles and trade at your own risk.

Thank you for taking your time reading.
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