I saw a lot of proposals related to Blockfrost in Catalyst Voting, so I was searching about it. Here is a brief blog about what it is.

Blockfrost is an API for Cardano, a decentralized blockchain. It accesses and retrieves information stored in the blockchain. It acts as an intermediary between developers and the blockchain, helping application development by removing complexity.


After registering on the website, you can get the API key, so I tried out the command based on the documentation. ~ API Documentation

The following curl is a command to get the reward information of a stake address. The first three lines are the command, and the rest is the information from the blockchain. The Mac terminal has the curl tool in it (so does Windows 10), so I can type it as is. API KEY is the authentication information. You need to get it individually.

curl is “a command line tool for sending or receiving files," as the wiki says. It is like a command line version of a web browser. You can retrieve (GET), create (POST), or delete (DELETE) information from a specified URL.

We now have a list of rewards for stake addresses! It looks like this kind of information can be embedded in websites, displayed as graphs, etc. There was also a command to submit (POST) a transaction. If you’re interested in development, why don’t you take a look at STARTER?


I see a lot of proposals related to Blockfrost’s SDK (Software Development Kit) on Catalyst Voting, so I have briefly reviewed. (This is not intended to be an invitation to vote)

You can get information from the blockchain and could display it on a website, display as graphs, etc. It’s easy to run from a laptop PC, not a cardano-cli, and the fact that you can program it adds to the convenience. There was also a proposal for an SDK of Python (Charles was recommending in an interview), which I commonly use (I think it will be easier than building it myself), so I would like to keep an eye out for that.

Thank you for taking your time reading.
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