Cardano’s Patners


I was curious and so browsing websites of Cardano’s partners, that were introduced in Cardano360 – June 2021. I thought to make a short summary of it. Many of the contents are related to applications that are closer to our daily lives, and make us easier to access to a crypto asset like NFT, which has been gaining momentum. I am looking forward to seeing how the use cases will expand in the future. I am sure there are a lot more partners and products that are not covered here.

Orion Protocol

Orion Protocol:
IOHK blog: Orion to bring one-stop crypto marketplace to Cardano

During “Cardano360 – June 2021", I was personally most impressed. In order to solve the problem that “digital assets, including NFTs, are hard to buy," they are bringing all the markets together for all investors, making it as easy as buying stocks or commodities. They aim to be the gateway to the entire digital asset market.

It handles the NFT market in a single portal. Interoperates with other chains, can trade and swap with tokens on Cardano, and can be moved to other chains.


COTI Group:

It aims to be a simple, fast, transparent, reliable, and scalable payment platform.
The trust score of the trustchain increases the processing speed. COTI Pay solves the problem of traditional third-party controlled, time-consuming and costly transfers and payments, and enables microtransactions. Ada Pay was launched, with the charity Save the Children being the first to join.



Subscriptions have problems with traps for free trials, complex and hard-to-find cancellation procedures, and complicated mechanisms. Revuto’s ecosystem uses Cardano’s native tokens and DeFi. It is a managed solution that allows you to block, snooze, and approve subscription payments for Spotify, Netflix, Amazon, and others. It’s designed to help people save and control their money regardless of the state of the crypto market.

REVU is a native Cardano token that allows you to earn incentives while paying for your subscription.


Wolfram Blockchain Labs:

Wolfram Blockchain Labs is a subsidiary of Wolfram Research, the developer and publisher of Mathematica, the mathematical software I used to use as a student. Designed and created functions that integrate with DLTs (Distributed Ledger Technologies) in the Wolfram Language, which evolved from Mathematica. It provides developers with sophisticated tools for building custom analytical solutions that can be seamlessly deployed across cloud, desktop, and mobile platforms.



Due to interoperability issues, blockchains have become siloed and isolated, and the Nervos Network is an open source project that aims to solve this problem by becoming the “universal passport" for blockchains. As the underlying layer of the blockchain, “Layer Zero", it allows builders and users to move completely within the ecosystem. Any asset in any blockchain can be accessed, solving the problems of multiple wallets and multiple exchange management.



SingularityNET is a decentralized marketplace that aggregates artificial intelligence algorithms. They are building a platform for creators of artificial intelligence to collaborate and cooperate with each other. The platform allows all users, including companies, developers, and organizations, to monetize their algorithms, buy and sell algorithms, and incorporate them into their own applications. Sophia is one of the robot use cases created on the SingularityNET platform. It was also introduced in the Africa Special.

The AGI token used in the SingularityNET ecosystem has been in the news for Cardano. On May 28, AGI tokens on Ethereum contracts were hard forked and created on Cardano as AGIX tokens that can be transferred between blockchains. Related blog about ERC20 converter is here.

World Mobile

World Mobile:

Half of the world is still offline because existing networks are costly, difficult to maintain, and unprofitable. World Mobile is the first mobile network to combine blockchain and the sharing economy, with the goal of creating a world where everyone and everywhere is connected. WMT tokens will be used. This was also announced at the Africa Special.


How did you think? If a short explanation is not enough for you, why don’t you check out the websites of the partners you are interested in for more information? I hope you can now imagine the actual use cases closer to life.

If you are looking forward to Cardano’s future and would like to support it in the long run, I highly recommend staking it. If you do, we hope you will consider SUGAR as well.

Thank you for reading!