Epoch 277: Alonzo White


Pool Report

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Reward delivered to those who delegated by around 21:30 UTC on Thursday, June 24.

Next Reward: planned to be good

In the past, when the rewards were low, some people were concerned, “Is this reward right?" We thought that one of the best things we could do would be to provide information and explanations about block generation and rewards. So I spent the last two epochs creating graphs, which uses JavaScript to retrieve the latest information from Adapools and display it on website. I’ve made it available on the dashboard page, so please take a look when you feel like it. (The display may be modified in the future.) JavaScript is a great language to get started with, and you can do a lot with it. “Marlowe is embedded in JavaScript and Haskell, and so you can use features from them to help you to build Marlowe contracts more readably and succinctly."

There are many cases where simple good/bad judgment is just enough to get information from the dashboard, rather than a lot of detailed information in real time. As for “how to express the reward that will occur next time", it seems that SPO members are trying their best to express it, so I would like to think about it as well.

Catalyst Fund5

Voter registration for Catalyst Fund 5 is now open and must be completed by 11:00 (UTC) on July 19, 2021, so why don’t you register when you have time, such as on weekends? Here is a great guide by IOHK: Catalyst registration and voting guide

Alonzo White

I think the most interesting topic right now is Alonzo White. As Charles said in his video, “Avoid updates before the weekend," It looks like taking place next week. I’ll look forward to it. It’s one more step towards smart contracts." Don’t pay attention to the noise, follow the facts," said Charles. It sounds to me a mathematician’s say, and my major in university was pure math so I liked it.

Here is a link to a previous summary on the right.

I’m involved in development in daily job, and I’m reminded of how difficult and amazing it is to make progress and keep up with plans for a development of this scale. I’m sure the developers are very busy, so I wish they take good care of themselves. I would like to continue to support the development until the smart contract is implemented.


These days it is still in the range of the horizontal lines. You can also see the 200-day moving average (upper red dotted line), which has bounced back once below. This is going to be an important price area.

Overall, this is a daily chart, with a long-term perspective. It is not intended to give investment advice, but to be part of an important asset check and to support Cardano.
I may make predictions about trends, but this is just one individual’s perspective. Please analyze from various angles and trade at your own risk.

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