About SUGAR Stake Pool



  • 1 x block producer node, 2 x relay nodes
  • 2 x relay nodes for redundancy, aim for safety to reduce downtime. One can be used for testing Cardano-node update, new feature, scripting, etc. while the other is in production.
  • Community Guild Tool is used to verify when block production happens on SUGAR stake pool to schedule maintenance.
  • Redundant Grafana servers are implemented to monitor 24/7, with automated notificaiton to mobile phone.


Security is always priority and no exception with SUGAR nodes. Access to important keys is physically limited. Also, even if servers are compromised/hacked, there would be no risk to delegator’s and operator’s assets, and can easily be recovered.

  • The most important keys to run a stake pool are safely stored in USB flash drives with backup so that they are not exposed to the internet.
  • Block producer node only communicates to SUGAR relay nodes via limited IP and port.
  • Root access via ssh is not allowed and private key is required.
  • Only through operator’s local router is allowed to ssh to nodes.
  • Only through operator’s local router is allowed to monitor nodes.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication required to login.


For safety, SUGAR nodes are maintained as below policy.

  • Run one version behind the latest code.
  • Update to the new version when 50% of nodes are verified running on the latest code.
  • Unless current running version has a critical issue, run according to above policy.
  • To recover from problematic state back to healthy state, take a snapshot after update and configuration change.
  • Take database backup to prepare for any type of recovery scenario.
  • Above mentioned procedures are tested and verified.


To keep nodes healthy and reliable, ADA’s value and maintenance costs need to be considered regularly. Increase of database volume and network load is expected. We will be monitoring and plan to upgrade storage and node performance. Part of returns from running stake pool will be consumed for maintenance.


Community is one of the most important factor for running healthy nodes while new codes and functions are frequently released. We actively participate Cardano SPO’s Japan GuildCardano Stake Pool Best Practice WorkgroupIO SPO announcements and many other community to keep up to date, and exchange knowledge.