Epoch 270: Catalyst Fund4


Pool Report

Reward delivered to those who delegated by around 21:30 UTC on Thursday, May 20, epoch 266.

The previous epoch was a lucky epoch, as you can see in the graph below, which can be found on sites like Adapools. This is a graph showing the probability of a pool being allocated versus the number of blocks expected to generate. The vertical axis is the probability (%) and the horizontal axis is the number of blocks.

In the last epoch, there were 26 blocks allocated, which is about a 1% chance, and although one block was orphan, the number of blocks generated was a record 25. I think the next reward is promising. However, I learned that it is possible to hit 1%.

I wish that the ups and downs do not worry delegators who have been supportive to us.
I'll do my best to keep it up and running to aim return well.

Cardano related articles


Daedalus Mainnet 4.1.0 has been released, and it is said that it takes about 30 minutes to sync after an update. Many updates are upcoming such like P2P network, Alonzo blue hard fork (successfully completed in test net), Catalyst Fund4, Plutus , Marlowe, etc.

Nervos partnership to build the first cross-chain bridge with Cardano
Scalability, Interoperability, and Sustainability are three things that Charles has been explaining for some time. There was a big news about interoperability.

Catalyst Fund4

Catalyst Fund4 is now available for registration, which was not supported with Yoroi mobile app back in February, but is now available, so if you haven't already, why not register? Here are the details: Yoroi Mobile Wallet: A Guide on How to Register to Vote for Cardano Blockchain's Catalyst Fund4 You can do it in a short time.


Alonzo rollout plan is taking place. I'm looking forward to its success.

Other updates

An update information section has been added to the top of the website.


It is interacting with the long-term trend line and looks solid. With smart contracts coming, I think many people are looking for a place to buy.

I have been monitoring ADA for a long term perspective with mostly daily chart. This is just my one perspective and is not intended to be a financial advice or any sort or such. Please check multiple resources when trading and perform by own responsibility.

Thank you for taking your time reading.
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