How to check reward history on PoolTool


This article describes how to check your reward history using PoolTool.

It will show reward received in each epoch, ADA price, and can be exported into a CSV file.

On PoolTool home page, click [REWARDS DATA FOR TAXES].
In [Find your staking address] box, input your wallet address used for staking, and click the magnifying glass.
When it shows your address, click the blue arrow button next to it.

You are led to reward history page.
Here you can see reward from each epoch, ROS%, graph, etc.
At the bottom is an export tool.
Set parameters, for example, as below:

Format: Generic(CSV)
Currency: US Dollar (your preferred currency)
Period: 2021 (your preferred year)


You now have a file of reward history in CSV format.

Thank you for reading!