About Operator

About the operator

Nice to meet you, this is SUGAR.The name of the pool is Satoshi, so I named it → Sato → Sugar.

I met Charles who came to Japan in 2018 and became a fan of Cardano.The Cardano community is full of passion and talent.After seeing that, I decided to operate as a stake pool operator.

As an IT infrastructure engineer, he has more than 10 years of experience in designing, building and operating.We believe that not only technology but also know-how and key points can be utilized for pool management.We believe that blockchain technology can change the way society works.We will do our best to make the blog “easy to understand, useful, and easy on the eyes".

SUGAR Stake Pool is constantly learning new things and striving to provide delegates with a better staking life and higher ROI.We are aiming for a sound pool operation for the Cardano network, with transparency and peace of mind, so thank you for your cooperation.

“Don’t be evil" to “Can’t be evil" From “don’t be evil" (a society that warns) to “can’t be evil" (mechanism).

Charles Hoskinson

Enjoy the road grass!Great.I’m sure that something more important than what you want is rolling over there.

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