How to stake

When to get rewarded

It is a table showing when the reward will be paid after the delegation.It will not be paid immediately and the first distribution will take around 20 days.

Bold letters represent the current epoch.Information for 10 past and future epochs.
Each epoch is converted to actual time to represent the start and end times.

  • Epoch: 1 Epoch is equivalent to 5 days.
  • Epoch Start: Epoch start time
  • Epoch End: Epoch end time
  • Deleg Epoch: If you have performed the delegation by this epoch, you will be rewarded with the corresponding Epoch.
  • Deleg Epoch Start: Start of staking target epoch
  • Deleg Epoch End: The end of the staking target epoch.You must have completed the delegation work by this time to be rewarded for the corresponding epoch.

Yoroi Wallet

Yoroi Wallet is a light wallet that you can start using right away. Compatible with browsers and mobiles.

Browser version installation

From the official page, select the download according to your browser.

Be sure to install it from the official website!

Add an extension.

Select the display language.

Accept the terms of use and press “Continue".

Having a special link on the receiving page makes the process faster and easier.Since you can set it later, we will skip the payment URL setting this time.

Then press “Create wallet" in the middle to create a wallet.

Select “Cardano".

Enter the name of any wallet and the transfer password.

The next screen will display the recovery phrase, so don’t show it to others.Check it to proceed.

Write down the recovery phrase and proceed to the next.

Note: This is a demo wallet that will be deleted later, so some are shown.

Enter the phrase you wrote down and check for any mistakes.

  • The secret key is securely stored only on this device, not on the server.
  • When this app is moved to another device or deleted, the wallet can be restored only with the recovery phrase you wrote down.

After understanding the above and checking it, proceed to the next.

The wallet was created and the dashboard was displayed.

The address starting with addr displayed on the Receive tab is the wallet address.To proceed with staking, send ADA to this address.

How to delegate to SUGAR stake pool in browser version

Go to the Delegation List tab.
Search for SUGAR.
When the search results are displayed, press “DELEGATE".

Wait for a while.

  • You can only delegate to one pool at a time.
  • You can change to another pool at any time.
  • You can cancel at any time.

Check the target pool and the amount of ADA to delegate.

Enter your remittance password.

Press “DELEGATE" to continue.

2 ADA is required for the initial registration deposit.Also, please check that a small transaction fee will be charged.


You can see the following on the dashboard.

  • ADA balance
  • Total reward
  • Total of delegated ADA
  • Delegated pool
  • Reward schedule

Thank you for your work.

Search for Yoroi in the app store and install it. (Displayed on iOS as of December 2021.)

Select the display language and proceed.

Mobile version setup

Please agree to the terms of service and proceed.

Proceed to create a wallet. Select ADD WALLET.

For new creations, press “CREATE WALLET".

If you have a restore phrase and want to restore your wallet, press RESTORE WALLET.

  • Enter any name for the wallet name
  • Set the remittance password to be entered when remittance
  • Re-enter your remittance password for confirmation.

The next screen will display the important recovery phrase.Don’t show it to anyone.

The wallet recovery phrase will be displayed, so write it down.

Handling of recovery phrases

  • Store it so that it is not exposed to the Internet.
  • Treat it so that it cannot be seen by a third party.

This is a demo wallet, so it is shown here.

  • The private key is stored only on the device where the app is installed, not on an external server.
  • The recovery phrase is required to work with the wallet on other devices. (Other methods are impossible)

Please proceed after understanding the above.

Enter the recovery phrase and make sure that the content you wrote down is correct.

The wallet has been created.

Display when the application starts

Thank you for your work.

How to delegate to SUGAR stake pool in mobile version

With the wallet selected, press Delegate.
Search for Sugar and press “DELEGATE" when the search results are displayed.

Enter your remittance password and press “DELEGATE".

Since it will transition to Dashboard, confirm that the delegated pool is displayed.

Thank you for your work.

Daedalus Wallet

Daedalus wallet is a full node wallet that synchronizes with the blockchain.Synchronization is required to start using.In addition to the same functions as other wallets, Project Catalyst, notification display, fireworks effect when hard fork is successful, etc. will appear.

Wallet creation

Click the Add Wallet button at the bottom left of the screen to create a wallet.

Give the wallet any name you like.
Enter the remittance password you want to set and proceed to the next.

The next screen will display a 24-word recovery phrase that you should write down on a piece of paper and keep in a safe place.A simple and secure storage method is never to store online or digitally.If you use online services such as password managers or encrypted databases, do so at your own risk.

Recovery phrases are the only way to recover your wallet if your PC is broken, stolen or stuck.

Understand that you can operate the ADA with the recovery phrase, and if you can see that no one is looking at the screen, proceed to the next.

The recovery phrase will be displayed, so write it down.

Since this is a demo wallet, some captures are shown.

You will be prompted to enter it to confirm that the content you wrote down is correct.

After understanding the following, check it and proceed to the next.

  • A simple way to safely store recovery phrases is to not store them digitally or online.If you use an online service password manager or encrypted database, it is your responsibility to do it correctly.
  • The recovery phrase is the only way to recover your wallet if you lose your PC, it’s broken, it’s stolen, it doesn’t work due to any headaches.

The wallet has been created.

It needs to be synchronized with the blockchain, so wait for a while until it is available.

Once available, deposit to the wallet address you can see on the Receive tab.For security reasons, multiple addresses will be displayed, but it doesn’t matter which address you send to.

How to delegate to SUGAR stake pool

After depositing 10 ADA or more in your wallet, press the red frame.Proceed to the delegation settings for the target wallet.

Follow the steps in the following order.Please note that there is a small transaction fee at the end.

  1. Wallet designation
  2. Pool selection
  3. Confirmation of delegation

Select the wallet you want to delegate and proceed to the next.A minimum of 10 ADA must be in your wallet.

Search for SUGAR in the red frame.Select it and when it is checked, proceed to the next step.

Check the following and proceed to the next.

  • Target pool name: SUGAR
  • Fee: 0.166513 ADA (varies slightly)
  • Deposit: 2 ADA
  • Enter your remittance password

The selected content has been posted to the blockchain and has been delegated.The image shows a notification that it will take 6 days and 10 hours 41 minutes for the content to be reflected.

Notice that the delegated pool name is now displayed next to the wallet.

Thank you for your work.

Nami Wallet

Nami Wallet is a browser-based wallet extension for interacting with the Cardano blockchain.
It can be used to send and store multiple assets, delegates, mint tokens, use multisig, and more. A feature of Nami is the ability to connect to various websites to interact with dApps (decentralized apps).


From the official page, press the browser icon. (The display in this blog is the one when installed with Brave)

Be sure to install it from the official website!

Press “Add to Chrome".

A warning is displayed. Press “Add Extension".

You can pin by pressing the pin mark from the puzzle mark.

Press the Nami Wallet mark.

Press New Wallet.

The seed phrase is displayed, so you’ll be warned that no one can see it.After accepting, check the checkbox and press “Continue".

Write down the seed phrase and press “Next".

Enter and confirm the phrase you wrote down.
It seems that the cursor automatically moves to the next number if the entered word is correct.

Create an account.

You have created a wallet.

Press “Receive" to display the receiving address.You can send ADA etc. to this address.

I received ADA.

How to delegate to SUGAR stake pool

With a browser with extensions To access.

Press the wallet mark.

Nami Wallet will detect it and ask you if you want to connect, so press “Access".

The balance and contents of the wallet are displayed.

It is a display of UNSTAKED because it is not delegated.

Press the magnifying glass mark and enter SUGAR in the search box.Press the pool name of the search results.

Press “JOIN".

There will be an initial deposit and a handling fee.
After confirming, press “Sign".

Enter the transfer password and press “Confirm".

Wait for a while.

After waiting a few seconds, the display changed and the delegation was completed!

Display in Nami Wallet

Thank you for your work.

NFT display

NFT display on Nami Wallet


Thank you for reading until the end.
If you find it useful, we would appreciate it if you could consider and cooperate with staking in the SUGAR stake pool.